Simply Stylin' Light Silk Spray - Pure Silicone Spray 4 oz

  • Anti-Frizz Control: Protects hair from humidity, heat, and environmental factors using a special silicone mix. Recommended to apply Light Silk Spray or Silk Serum before entering humid areas.

  • Refresh Wigs and Hair Extensions: Helps restore the protective silicone coating on weaves, extensions, and wigs that can wear off with shampooing. Apply Simply Stylin' to regain luster and freshness.

  • Heat Protection: Simply Stylin’s products form a protective layer that prevents hair damage from blow dryers, hot combs, and flat irons.

  • Detangling: Aids in separating hair strands for easier detangling. Use after washing and apply Light Silk Spray or Silk Serum to ease combing.

  • Straighten with Heat: Enhances the hair straightening process with a concentrated silicone base in Silk Serum or Light Silk Spray, maintaining straightness after heat styling.

  • Smoothing: Fills in porous cuticles for smoother, softer hair with fewer flyaways. Apply after styling for enhanced smoothness.

  • Shine: Adds a brilliant shine to hair with pure silicones. A small amount of Light Silk Spray or Silk Serum post-styling creates a lasting shine.

  • Strengthen Hair Shaft: Strengthens and fortifies hair shafts, reducing shedding during brushing or combing. Regular application promotes longer, healthier hair.