She is Bomb Collection Edge Control 3.5 oz

  • She Is Bomb Collection Edge Control is a styling product.
  • Designed to provide a sleek, finished look without white buildup.
  • Fast-drying formula.
  • Non-Greasy, Non-Sticky, Non-Flaking, and Long-Lasting.


  • Small amount needed for effective use.
  • Suitable for both curly and relaxed hair types.
  • Repairs and moisturizes damaged hair.
  • Provides all-day hold.

Usage Instructions:

  • Day 1: Apply a small amount to edges for strong hold, smoothing it in with fingers or a clean hair brush. For a stronger hold, apply more product.
  • Day 2: Wet fingers and smooth the product into the hair.
  • Day 3: Clean the area with a damp cloth and reapply to edges, smoothing it in.