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Outre Synthetic Quick Weave Half Wig - Penny

Brand: OUTRE
  • Outre Synthetic Quick Weave Half Wig - Penny
  • Self Styled in 60 Seconds
  • High Tex Heat Resistant Fiber 
  • Safe Up To 4006F
  • Color Shown: S1B/30


  1. Detangle hair from end to root before shampooing
  2. Carefully wash in lukewarm water with mild shampoo
  3. Do not rub or twist, but gently finger comb the hair
  4. Follow with conditioner and rinse in similar fashion
  5. Pat dry with a towel and do not rub or roll the hair 
  6. Air dry or blow dry with diffuser or as recommended by your stylist
  7. To avoid stretching or damaging the cap, do not place a damp wig on mannequin or styrofoam head
  8. Styling tools should only be used when completely dry
  9. Use electric curling or flat iron with temperature up to 400°F