FreeTress Equal Level Up Synthetic Glueless HD Frontal Wig - Jodie

  • Brand & Quality: FreeTress Equal - A trusted name in premium synthetic hair.
  • Advanced Technology: Level Up with High-Definition (HD) finish for ultra-realism.
  • Generous Size: Offers a 13"x 5" coverage area - perfect for full and natural-looking styles.
  • Glue-Free Convenience: Completely glueless application, ensuring minimal damage and fuss.
  • Professionally Pre-Styled: Pre-plucked hairline for that out-of-salon look.
  • Comfort & Fit: Comes with an adjustable elastic band to ensure a snug fit and added security.
  • Seamless Blend: Designed to mimic real hair growth for a flawlessly integrated appearance.
  • Elegant Styling: Features the ever-popular Loose Deep style, exuding grace and sophistication.