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FreeTress Equal Synthetic Lite Wig - Lite Wig 017

  • FreeTress Equal Synthetic Lite Wig - Lite Wig 017
  • Excellent Quality
  • Affordable Price
  • Can Be Parted to the Left or Right
  • Comfortable to wear all day
  • It's a great wig for beginners
  • Style: Swept Side Bang


  1. Before washing hair, brush out all tangles starting from the bottom and work up to the weft.
  2. For curly hair: Do not brush. Finger comb to remove all tangles.
  3. Fill the sink or large container with lukewarm water and add synthetic wig shampoo.
  4. Swish the wig in shampoo water and wash gently.
  5. Apply wig conditioner: allow the fiber to absorb the conditioner for couple of minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  6. Gently squeeze excess water out of wig. Do not rub or twist the wig.
  7. Pat dry with a clean towel. 
  8. Place the wig on a wig stand and let air dry.