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How To Wear A Wig And Make It Look Natural

how to wear a wig and make it look natural

December 23, 2019

How To Wear a Wig and Make it Look Natural

People today wear a wig for different reasons. Some wear it for fashion, as everyday necessity or for work. Fashion is to be on trend or to have the best and the most trending hairstyle in town. Everyday necessity, this is for people who wear it because it is needed more than they want it. For work, these people wear wig for a living. Best examples for this are clowns, dancers who have to have a uniform hairstyle while dancing, Cosplays and or even stage artists. Whatever your reason for wearing a wig, there are basic things to follow and to remember to achieve a wig that looks natural.  

How To Wear A Wig Properly

Some may wear it to spice up their style, going to parties and for some it is an everyday necessity. Whatever your reason for your wig, you can wear it successfully if you know the right way to put it on. Below are some tips on how to properly wear a wig.

Step 1. Wearing the Wig

Hold the wig using both hands. Make sure that the label of the wig is at the back portion of your head. Move the wig in a FRONT-TO-BACK motion.

Step 2. Adjusting to the Proper Position

Continue with FRONT-TO-BACK motion. Make your eyebrows as a guide since the front of the wig should be above it. Afterwards, push the front of the wig away from your eyebrows until it reaches your natural hairline. This time, locate the center of the wig by positioning the ear tabs on both sides of the front of your ears. Just make sure that the ear tabs don’t cover your ears.

Step 3. Fitting

Though you successfully wear your wig, you might still feel that it is too tight or too loose. If this happens, use the adjustable Velcro Tabs located at the back of the wig for you to achieve the perfect fit.

Making Your Wig Look Natural

The perfect way to wear a wig does not end with just putting it on your head. There are also important things to consider since wigs have variety of style, size, color and even in materials it is made of. To help you find the perfect wig for you that looks natural, here are some important tips.

1 – Close to Your Natural Hair

If you are new to wearing wigs, it is natural that you will feel uncomfortable and conscious. That is why choosing the wig that has resemblance to your natural hair is a very good idea. After sometime, you will slowly get used to it and you will start gaining confidence while wearing it. And without noticing, you are already looking for different styles and colors.

2 – Know Your Size

Knowing the right size of your wig will not only make you feel comfortable wearing it, it also adds impact to your goal which is to make it more natural.

To get the right size of your wig, you must first know the size of your head. To measure it, first you must place the string or tape around your head about 1/8” above your ears, across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. After you get measurement, refer to the table below to know your wig size.

3 – Synthetic Hair Wig

There are times or events that we can’t focus on our wig and we end up having a messy one or we are not just used to styling it. Worry not! Synthetic wigs will save your day. This type of wig doesn’t not require much styling to wear. On top of that, you can wear it in rain or snow without messing up your hairstyle.

4 – Replace Your Wig Regularly

Since wigs aren’t our natural hair, wigs lose their quality after sometime. So if you notice that you wig starts to smell bad, starts to fade or starts to deform, then go ahead and replace it. Synthetic wigs should be replaced every 3 to 6 months and human hair wigs should be replaced every 6 – 12 months.

5 - Lace Front Wig

To make a wig look more natural, it should be something that you can part or move wherever you like. With Lace Front Wig’s undetectable hairline in front of your wig, you won’t have to worry about sweeping your hair up and away from your face.

6 – Cut the Wig

You can’t always have the style that you want in a wig. That is why most of the wig users go to hairdressers to cut the wig in a style that they desire or fits them perfectly. Just don’t forget to inform your stylist that type of wig you wear since Human Hair Wig and Synthetic Hair Wigs are treated differently.

7 – Color Blending

Most people have shades of color and gradients throughout their hair. Or let’s just say that most people intentionally put a color on their natural hair. Well, putting a color to a wig makes it more natural. With a perfect color of your wig, it would be hard to distinguish if it is natural or not.

8 – Human Hair Wig

Although Human Hair Wig is more expensive than the Synthetic Wig. I can assure you that the price is worth it. Human Hair Wig has attributes that is very similar to a natural hair. It can easily be styled, cut and dyed. It also has the most natural movement and shine.

Wearing a wig is not as easy as everyone thinks. Maybe they thought that in just a couple of seconds you have put your wig already. Maybe for them wig is just a mere accessories, but for us who use wig, we treat it as part of our body. We take care of them like it is our natural hair. Because like the natural hair, wigs add beauty and elegance to the ones wearing it.