Synthetic Wigs: The 10-Minute Beauty Hack

Synthetic Wigs: The 10-Minute Beauty Hack

January 10, 2022

When it comes to beauty enhancers, most people won't blink an eye when discussing hair dye, acrylic nails, dental veneers and eyelash enhancers, but when it comes to discussing wigs, people's minds have a tendency to shut down. This is, in part, due to the number of low quality wigs available in the marketplace which have given wigs in general a poor reputation for being gaudy, trashy, costumey, and cheap.

While cheap wigs do exist, on the other side of the spectrum you'll find high-end, top quality, totally realistic synthetic wigs. When your bio hair is unruly, thinning, or transitioning from its natural color to gray, high-end wigs are an easy, no fuss way to enhance your attractiveness while saving you time and money. Successful wig wearing is simply a matter of distinguishing between superior and inferior wigs. Once you discover quality wigs, you'll discover a 10-minute beauty hack that leaves you wondering why you hadn't traveled down the wig highway before.

Not sure where to begin your journey into the world of wigs? Start by learning who the high-end wig manufacturers are by searching for synthetic wigs on the Internet while noting retail prices. Quality, brand name wigs made from synthetic fibers range in price from around $50 up to $150 (excluding wigs made from human hair, which are quite costly). On the contrary, synthetic wigs in the $20 to $30 range are typically lesser quality brands that leave consumers struggling to confidently wear their wigs after purchase. The cap designs, fibers, styles, and colors just aren't on par with wigs produced by major brands.

Additionally, if you're considering purchasing "used wigs" to save a little money, it's highly recommended that you proceed with caution. Wig wearers customize their wigs by thinning and trimming the fibers, restyling with hot air brushes, curling irons, and hair dryers, and some won't haven't properly cared for their wigs (washing, drying, combing, conditioning, and storing). In addition to mishandling the wig itself, wig caps mold to the shape of the wearer's head and, depending on the number of times the wig is worn, the wig could very well arrive anywhere from fair to poor condition no matter what the seller states in their advertisement.

Turning the focus back to the benefits offered by high-end wig brands, first and foremost brand name wig manufacturers offer the advantage of expert experience. These manufacturers have been producing and testing wigs for decades and work in partnership with world-renowned hair stylists throughout the design process. They've also worked tirelessly with customers to improve and perfect cap constructions, styles, fibers, density and depth of colors that off-brand manufacturers just can't compete with. Top brand name wig manufacturers commit themselves to creating stylish, comfortable, realistic, easy-to-style wigs. Period.

Your next question might be, "Where can I purchase a brand name wig, and how will I know what color and style to choose?" When a wig shows well on a model in a stock photo, there's no guarantee that wig is the best choice for you. So, before purchasing your new wig, set up an appointment with a wig boutique in your area. There are several variables associated with finding a wig that fits perfectly and is flattering to you as an individual. For instance, you'll need to undergo a series of head measurements in order to determine your proper wig size (typically petite, average, and large). With the help of a consultant, you'll also determine what colors are best suited to your skin tone (warm, cool, mixed) and which styles work best with your unique facial features.

One final consideration when making a new wig purchase is to understand the reason you're interested in trying or buying a wig in the first place. Some brands focus on women who have lost or are losing their bio hair for any number of reasons. In these cases, the wig caps fit snugger with close wefted backs and liners that offer enhanced comfort. For those purchasing a wig to try out a new hair color or style or for a fashion statement on top their bio hair, other wig brands may be more suitable.

Thinning hair, convenience and ease of styling, camouflaging graying hair, confidence boosting, simple economics - whatever the reasons you've become frustrated with your bio hair, give name brand synthetic wigs a try. They're a 10-minute beauty hack that will enhance your appearance the moment you slip them on. Once you find a wig you love, you may never go back to your bio hair. In fact, the transformation will be so amazing you may be tempted to fill in your wardrobe with several more in various styles and colors.