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Outre &Play 360 Lace Wig - Natural Deep Wave

$85.00 $69.99
Brand: OUTRE
  • Outre Human Hair Optimix Lace Wig - Natural Deep Wave
  • Look, Touch, & Feel of Real Human Hair
  • 360 Hand-Tied Lace Edges
  • 13" x 4" Hand-Tied Lace Frontral
  • Bundle-Hair Inspired Textures
  • Pre-Dyed Natural Ombre Color Options
  • Heat-Friendly Fibers


  • For curly styles, finger comb gently from the tips to roots. Avoid brushing or combing curly hair when dry.
  • For straight styles, brush through the hair from the tips to roots, as needed, to preen the hair from tangling and matting.
  • When curling the hair with heat styling tools, we recommend holding the hair in the tool for at least 10 seconds, and holding the curl to cool for at least 5 seconds to ensure that the curl holds.
  • For optimal results, we recommend heat styling up to 350° - 400°F.
  • Avoid heavy styling products. Products like gels, creams and mouse will weigh down the hair and cause tangling and matting issues.
  • Place wig on a mannequin head at night to keep the style looking fresh and intact.


  1. Brush back hair & baby hair away from the front edge of the wig.
  2. Starting from one side, cut the excess lace off.
  3. Adjust the band to fit your head securely.
  4. Hold the wig upside down.
  5. Place the wig over your head.
  6. Position the wig to secure the front and back combs.
  7. Find your preferred part using the tail of a comb, and brush hair down.
  8. Finish with final styling.