Maxi Stick - Hair Loss Concealer/Shader


*All New Maxi Stick* Part of the Maxi Professional Range

Maxi Stick -Designed for both men and women suffering from thinning hair and alopecia.

New Innovative Concealer :- This innovative new hair loss concealer has been designed to eliminate the flaws of many other products on the market today. It comes in a very handy easy to use stick application, a first for this kind of product. Maxi Stick is therefore both non messy and incredibly accurate so you can apply to exactly the right area whether this be the crown, sides or anywhere, not only does this avoid wastage and use of too much product but also means you get the perfect application each time every time. 

Perfect application each time every time - Blendable and Natural - Trichologist Approved

Natural fullness :- Maxi Stick is perfectly blendable and very natural, just use the applicator provided or even your finger to blend in and shade perfectly and naturally concealing bald patches or thinning areas instantly before your eyes. Unbelievably quick and simple. Scalp show through and the contrast between thinning hair and scalp is eliminated instantly and your hair seemingly looks full again. Total confidence means you can go about your daily routine whether that be at work or gym or club. No need for extra sealing sprays like some other products.

Approved :- Endorsed and now recommended by our Trichologist and getting great reviews from customers.