C Handle Windproof Reverse Folding Umbrella

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C Handle Windproof Reverse Folding Umbrella

This unique umbrella adopts the inverted design, it makes getting into the car in rain more convenient. When using ordinary umbrellas, you have to close the umbrella before you sit down while getting wet. But with this umbrella, you can keep it up, sit down and pull it into the car after you are safely inside. Say goodbye to getting wet before getting in your car.

Our reverse umbrella is different from traditional umbrellas, when close this umbrella, the wet part will be inside of the umbrella, prevents water from dripping, keeping floors and cars dry. Also, the C-Handle allows your hand to be free so you can safely use your phone.

Panel Material: Pongee
Size: One Size
Function: Rolling Over
Model Number: 77
Product: Sunny and Rainy Umbrella
Age Group: Adults
Type: Umbrellas
Pattern: Long-handle Umbrella
Material: Polyester
Control: Semi-automatic
Outdoor Activity: Fishing
Function: Inverted

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