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Wigs 101 - Everything You Need To Know About Wigs

December 27, 2019

Wigs - Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of wig looks most natural?

Lace wigs were invented in the last decade to mimic the natural appearance of one's hairline. Some of the most realistic wigs are made with 360° lace, 13"x6", 13"x4" lace frontals. However, with the right techniques, one can make almost any wig look extremely realistic.

How much does a good wig cost?

 Defining a good wig is a subjective matter and can differ from people to people. Generally, synthetic wigs are priced between $20-$70 and human hair wigs go for $40-$300 depending on the type of cap used and hair length. 

Can you wear a wig everyday?

If you're planning to wear a wig daily, there are few things to remember. Longer the length, the harder it is to manage. Medium to short styles are preferred over long wigs for everyday wear due to their low maintenance. Also, straight wigs will tangle less and easier to manage than curly or wavy wigs.  

What is a cap-less wig?

Cap-less wigs and traditional wig caps are very similar in nature. The only difference is that traditional wig caps have closed crown piece and cap-less wigs have open-top crown for better air flow and breath-ability.  Capless wigs are lighter in weight and more comfortable to wear even in hot areas. 

Does wearing a wig prevent hair growth?

No. Wearing a wig does not have any negative effect on hair growth. The cells responsible for hair growth will function as normal while wearing a wig.

What is a glueless lace wig?

Glueless wigs are made up of adjustable straps in the back and a ribbon in front which runs along the perimeter of the hairline. They are safer to use and easy to wear for hours. The best part is that they are harmless and one can remove it with ease without causing any mess to your natural hairs.

What is a 360 lace wig?

It is essentially a lace headband that has adjustable hooks in the back so that it can get nice and snug without needing to use glue or tape or even sewing it on as many of us do.

What is HD lace?

HD lace is a royal lace material, used to be called Swiss lace, which is more light, soft and delicate and looks more transparent than normal lace, which can melt into our skin more perfectly to make the hairline more invisible.