What You Should Know About Crochet Hair Braids

October 28, 2018

crochet hair braid

Hair making just got a whole lot better and easier with the Crochet hair. Crochet hair making is a simpler way for women to look natural while experimenting with different loose weaves.

The hair used for crochet are quite different from those used for fixing normal weaves.  The hair used is loose and not strung together in a line. Instead of sewing it in with the normal sewing needle and thread, crochet hair is sort of looped under the natural hair, with a crochet needle and tied in a knot at the base.

You need to understand that when we say "crochet hair," we do not refer to a type of weave. Instead, what we are talking about, is the method with which the various weaves are attached to the hair. It's the crocheting method, which entails interlocking loops of hair or extensions in cornrows, using a crochet hook or needle.

When crocheting, you insert a crochet needle or hook into the cornrow braids made of your natural hair; then you thread in the hair or extension you want to use and pull the hair through and tie in a knot at the base of the hair.

Different types of Crochet Hair Styles

The following are the different hairstyles you can rock using the crocheting method:

1. Faux locs: If you are the type who loves to rock dreadlocks, you will surely enjoying rocking the crochet type of locks.  This style gives the wearer the same look that natural dreadlocks would give them. The good thing is, it is temporary, and you can decide to remove it without the stress of unlocking or cutting as you would do to your natural dreadlocks. To make your faux locs, you can get your hair from $5 - $10 and it cost from $60 - $100 to install. You can wear your crochet locs for as long as 3 months,  after which you remove it.


2. Crochet braids: This hairstyle is similar to the normal braids, but the difference is the hair used, looks more natural, and the look you get,  is similar to the one you will get if you braided your natural hair. With crochet braids,  you could pass for a naturalist who braided their natural unrelaxed hair. You can decide to either braid it from the scratch or attach braided strands of hair extensions to your hair.  You can get the hair for the rate of $5 - $7 and the cost of installing varies from $50 - $70. Crochet braids are faster and easier to make. It is advisable to remove your braids after 6 weeks.


3. Crochet Twist : This style is like braids, but the difference is the twisting. The hair extension is looped into the natural hair and twisted not braided. This style takes time more than the braids. The minimum number of hours you can spend is 7 hours.  You can get the hair for the rate of $5 - $9 and the cost of installing varies from $60 -$80.

4. Crochet Straight, Wavy and Curls: These styles are dependent on the texture of the hair extension of your choice, you can decide to go for either straight, curly or wavy weaves.  The most important thing is the common method of attaching, and that is the crocheting method. You can get your weaves from $4 - $10 and install for $40 and above. The crochet weaves can last for approximately two to three months.

Your choice of hair is solely dependent on you.  You can choose the style, volume, weight,  colour, and length that you desire. You can either choose to use a synthetic or human hair weave for your crochet styles.

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Benefits of Crochet Hair

1. You can decide to install it yourself. It is that easy.

2. It's lightweight and durable.

3. The installation is not time-consuming, especially for the braids.

4. It protects your natural hair.

5. It is pocket-friendly.

How to take care of your crochet hair

You need to spray the hair often to prevent frizziness, tangles, and dryness. Moisturize few times a week. You also need to spray your scalp, in between your cornrows to prevent dandruff.

Join the league of women slaying with crochet hair today, get your quality and durable crochet hair.